Iron house construction elements

We answer any non-standard or unusual wishes of our customers by designing and manufacturing atypical Iron Houses panels.

Compared to its competition, the Iron Houses system is characterized by truly easy and rapid assembly. For instance, a 150 m bungalow including the interior division walls, can be put together in a single day using a pre-prepared base plate.

The IH system assembly consists of connecting the individual panels using classic screws and bolts (these are part of the system) to the pre-prepared holes in the individual panels. You need just a classic wrench or a ratchet.

Immediately upon the shell structure of the IH modular system is assembled, the following work may be initiated:

  • installation of cladding and insulation of the building
  • installation of the external windows and doors
  • installation of the roof structure, truss and roofing
  • Installation of the central heating, electrical wiring, sewer system etc.

The IH system allows for an instantaneous installation of interior systems (central heating, electrical wiring, water and sewer piping) without any further modifications or making groves in the walls which is necessary during classic brick construction. The hollow structural elements allow for easy access (their thickness is 24 cm). The Iron Houses system generates almost no construction waste.

We guarantee that using our system you will be able to take occupancy almost immediately, maximally within 30 working days (depending upon the size and complexity of the house you order).