Technology Advantages

  • Quality

    Thanks to the steel (galvanized) structural elements, the Iron Houses technology guarantees unrivalled quality and life durability.

  • Speed

    The speed of construction implementation is one of the key advantages the Iron Houses technology offers. The construction of family houses as such lasts only few weeks.

  • Simplicity

    The Iron Houses modular steel system reduces costs – thanks to its simplicity People can construct their family home themselves – without a specialized firm. The construction is not physically or technically demanding. Connections between individual element in the steel structure weights less than 60 kg.

  • Variability and Flexibility

    The IH system allows for implementation of all projects: ranging from common family homes up to structures intended for the most demanding clientele. Houses built using this unique technology can grow together with your family. Thanks to the entirely dry construction method and a simple bolted structure made of individual elements, it is possible to add rooms to your house according to your immediate needs and possibilities.

    The modular system designed is also unique due to its maximum flexibility during the entire time the construction is underway. No other technology allows to change room size, move division walls, doors or even windows in the course of the construction in a simple way and almost with no additional costs.

    Based on our experience we know that only after the building shell is built most builder realize what the actual size of the house will be and what needs to be changed. These modifications, however, are rarely realized due to their costs and the additional time they demand which must be considered. This, however, does not apply to the IH revolutionary system. If a room you built seems small to you, you just simply unscrew the division wall and move it in the desirable direction. If you don´t like the positioning of a door you can simple move it. If the window size doesn´t suit you, simply adjust it! Can you imagine such modifications being made to a brick or wooden house?

  • Energy Efficiency

    One of the big advantages of the IH system is high thermal resistance of the building envelope, which is achieved by using PU insulation foams, an integral part of the IRON HOUSES system.

    Energy efficiency comes standard with the Iron Houses homes. If energy efficient hot water systems or recuperation systems etc. are used, the houses built using the Iron Houses technology may be modified to become passive. In terms of energy and economics our houses represent an ideal solution to high housing costs.

    Our construction system is designated for low energy house construction. It is the basis for our customers´ future low heating costs and, simultaneously, the environmental friendly nature of the building.

  • Quality workmanship and long service life - certified production of individual elements

    All structural elements are made using the most current CNC machines providing for the absolute precision and quality of the individual elements. Precision during the element production eliminates secondary imprecision and size deviations. Thanks to its zinc coating and structural method eliminating moisture inside the structural elements, the IH system provides a long service life definitely comparable to construction technologies using bricks.