Iron Houses Technology

In 2011, after two years of intensive development, IRON HOUSES launched a revolutionary construction technology in the market – a system of steel modular houses. In developing this new technology, the IRON HOUSES specialists made use years of experience from traditional construction technologies.

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When the standard building envelope of the IRON HOUSES system with the overall heat transfer coefficient U = 0,1 w/(m2.K) is compared and the new brick wall elements whose value is U= 0,19 W/(m2.K), or, potentially sandwich structure used for wooden houses whose value is U = 0,17 W/(m2.K), makes the advantage of IRON HOUSES wall system clear (the lower the U value is the greater heat resistance of the structure and therefore smaller heat loss and greater savings in heat).

Compare: the value of a traditional wall made of full bricks whose thickness is 450 mm is 1,8 W/(m2.K). To achieve the same parameters as the IRON HOUSES wall, it would have to be 6,45 m thick.

All structural elements are made using the most current CNC machines providing absolute precision and quality of the individual elements.

This unique technology has a patent protection and all rights are owned by IRON HOUSES.

  • speed

  • simplicity

  • high quality

  • longlife

  • variability

  • energy saving

  • fire resistance

  • good price